Golfing Around the South



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The American south has a long history of golf, dating back to Charleston, South Carolina, in 1743.  Although it’s quickly grown to thousands upon thousands of golf courses all over the United States, it’s given the people who live here a lot of fun and has created communities where people can discuss anything from work to their personal lives.

If you’re curious about golf and how it thrives in the south: these are the top courses to visit.

Great Waters at Reynolds Lake Oconee

Location: 100 Linger Longer Road, Greensboro, GA.

Built in 1992, this thirty-year-old golf course is one of the most incredible ones made by Jack Nicklaus, a man famous for his golf courses.  Since its construction, it’s hosted many fantastic tournaments and has won a name for itself as one of the most beautiful and fun courses to golf at.

This course is right on the water and is treated for mosquitoes so that all you have to worry about once you arrive is how to get the golf ball where you want it in one hit.

No. 2 at Pinehurst Resort

Location: 80 Carolina Vista Drive, Pinehurst, NC.

One of the oldest golf courses globally, this 1907 course has been played for the U.S. Open and the U.S. Women’s Open Championship.  The high-grade course works to prove that a well-planned course can be as thrilling as any other sport.  This area is incredibly scenic, but don’t let it distract you!  Strategy and accurate shot shaping is a must to get the best scores on this course.

Those who enjoy this course enough admit to considering looking at nearby Charlotte houses for sale so that they can come back and play more often.  It’s a thrilling course that only gets better the more you play it.

The Old White TPC Course at Greenbrier Resort

Location: 300 W. Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, WV.

This resort has been bringing guests since the 1700s, and has hosted over half of the U.S. presidents.  Home to the oldest American golf course, this is a very prestigious resort.  Although it’s members only, you can play some portions of the course built in 1914 to capture a little bit of the magic.

Walking these well-maintained greens will have you excited about golf and eager to continue any game you’re playing.

The Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort

Location: 200 Ocean Crest Drive, Palm Coast, FL.

What’s a good game without some gorgeous ocean views?  This golf course sits on the Atlantic coast and is another piece of art crafted by the incredible Jack Nicklaus.  With fantastical and interesting curves and shapes added, those who play say the hazards added make the game even more fun.

Whether you’re new to golf, or it’s a sport you’ve played your whole life, it can be thrilling to get to know the game and the people who have played it.  Take in some of these amazing golf courses, and you’ll feel more connected to the sport than ever before.