Impacts of covid-19 is prevalent on mental health, suggests research



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Covid-19 has stripped people of their jobs, their credibility and even their sanity at this point. What started as an epidemic in March 2020 has now become a global pandemic with millions and millions of infected people and deaths calculating from it. People from across the globe are indulging in constructive ways to keep themselves fit and entertained. Some are diving into live sports betting in Cameroon while a few others have picked up a hobby to pass their time while trapped inside their homes.

The possibilities are quite endless. However, this is where the problem is. People are drained, exhausted and burnt out. With the dooming impacts of the pandemic, more and more people are struggling mentally, losing their emotional balance.

Here’s how you can support your mental and physical well-being.

  • Acknowledge the problem

Sometimes, the biggest issue with mental health struggles is not acknowledging that you have a problem. It is very easy to bypass the thought as fleeting, thinking that you are fine and that there’s nothing wrong with you. However, this is where you are wrong. If you don’t acknowledge that you have a problem and that you are struggling mentally, it leads to bottling up of the feelings and makes the process very tiring.

  • Do something that makes you happy

Even in the darkest days, there are times when we find the light in something or someone. All you have to do is find that light. What kind of things makes you happy? What do you do that brings a smile to your face? These are some thoughts that you need to collect together and then implement them in times when you feel burnt out and tired of the things around you.

  • Talk to a therapist

We understand that times are rough and not every person has the luxury to be able to afford therapy and talk to a professional about their struggles. While it isn’t an obligation, talking to a therapist ensures that you have a grasp on reality and the struggles that you are facing. Although quite difficult to open up, this can help you figure out a lot of your struggles that you are likely bottling up within yourself.

  • Join a support group

If you don’t have the money to give into therapy, another option is a support group. There are several available online where people with similar struggles come together to talk things through. It is an amazing way to relieve the stress that you have bundled up within yourself. It isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to open up to strangers but once you see other people struggling with something like you are, things won’t feel as gloomy.

Covid-19 induced mental burnout is a thing and even studies have found it. So, ideally, we’d recommend that you do something about it instead of letting things take over. It is a work in progress and it is time-consuming. However, the moment you acknowledge that something is wrong and needs to be changed, you will soon find things falling into place.